Americans spend $648 billion annually on care. Care consumers control $6 trillion of household income. The care economy is a massive overlooked market.

From in-depth guides to current trend reports—this is your central resource for investing and innovating in the care economy today.

the $648B care economy

infant &

Investment Areas
  • New parent tech (feeding tech, baby toys, gadgets, expert support, and content)
  • Direct supervision and early education, including children with disabilities
  • Products, services, and technology to support care for adolescents*


Investment Areas
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Cooking


long-term care

Investment Areas
  • Nursing homes, hospice, and palliative care (for older adults and adults with disabilities)
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Retirement centers

aging-in-place &
home-based care

Investment Areas
  • Daily essential activities
  • Social well-being
  • Aging-at-home coordination
  • Health & safety awareness (e.g. fall detection)
  • Professional and unpaid caregiver quality of life
  • Transition support (e.g. home retrofitting)
  • Home care provision (e.g. home health aides, products, and equipment) for older adults and adults with disabilities
  • Economic opportunities for older adults*
  • Learning, development, therapy, and mobility technologies for adults with disabilities*

Emerging sector


Investment Areas
  • Productivity in planning care for unpaid caregiversImproving the process of planning, coordinating, and hiring care
  • Care-focused financial planning toolsImproving the well-being, health, safety, and productivity of professional caregivers
  • Training & development for professional caregivers
  • Solutions for running care businesses

adjacent markets with care subcategories


Investment Areas
  • Ride arrangement for dependents (e.g. children, older adults) on behalf of caregivers


Investment Areas
  • Healthcare that happens outside a clinical setting
  • Healthcare experiences provided by the caregiver (e.g. take-home prescriptions)
  • Coordinating, organizing, and navigating the healthcare system

k-12 education

Investment Areas
  • Coordination of school-related activities, communication, & curriculum outside of school (e.g. supervision during homework, tutoring)
  • Coordination and sourcing of afterschool activities (e.g. activity apps, club & camp navigation aids)


Investment Areas
  • Grocery & food delivery to offset workload of caregivers
  • Planning, organizing, and procurement of meals & ingredients (e.g. meal kits)
*Unsized market segments
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